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Hands and cigarette

Innocently striking a light down at Union Square when someone comes along and sticks a camera in her face.

Shot in the full light of day using a Nikon FM2, Kodak 400 TX, it really did feel as though I were shooting in the dark.



11 thoughts on “Smoking

  1. We are strange creatures we humans huh? She has made herself so pretty on the outside with her hair bow and her bracelet and the lipstick and blingy shades – but maybe doesn’t believe her insides are so important. It is a statement! And who are we to judge? For me you have captured the conundrum perfectly!


  2. So feminine, so lady like, so sexy! Obviously you can tell I am not a smoker (I think). A great shot. Too bad that woman can’t see herself lighting up! Maybe she’d quit and stick around a bit longer!


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