Late Night NYC

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Oh my gosh, I’m not at all great at posting ahead. It’s last minute me or not at all and I wish I could be more disciplined but it’s not going to happen any time soon.

So this is tonight here in NYC, snow last week, warm balmy weather this evening. Intoxicating to say the least but then I’m just an Old Fashioned gal having fun down in the West Village.

Thank you Fuji camera wi-fi and mobile apps!

As to how this shot looks in the bright light of day, well …. It is what it is for the now that is now.

15 thoughts on “Late Night NYC

  1. Hi New Yorker too! And this weather is all over the place. It was beautiful yesterday and today is filled with clouds! I hope the weather balances out very soon!
    Love the pic by the way. It’s very artistic!


  2. last minute you or not at all is great spontaneity which is exactly why I love your images so much, Patti 🙂 like this one – spontaneous, fast pace, moody and kinda unpredictable ♥


  3. LOL I would be very disappointed if you didn’t wait until the last minute Patti 🙂 I love the motion blur on the taxi and bike rider on this image. I hope you were enjoying the warm weather and having some fun last night.


    1. OMG . . . now I get to see this shot in the sober light of day, ouch 😂😂😂
      This is what the warm weather did to me Joe and it had to be a Sunday didn’t it. You would think after all this time I might get it together enough to maybe plan ahead but now it wouldn’t be a proper Sunday night without the panic.
      Hope you and Terry enjoyed the wonderful weather!

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