9 thoughts on “The Small Things in Life

  1. I used your photograph for my daily morning prompt. This is what I wrote:
    When you are a dragonfly, you don’t get an opportunity for many dragonfly selfies. So this is exciting. Finally a photographer recognizes my beauty. I am a beauty. How do I know? I looked in the mirror back at the dragonfly nest this morning, and wow. What a beauty you are, I said to that mirror. I wasn’t complimenting the mirror. I was complimenting my own sweet self. Of course, all my relatives think I am being egotistical. I am not. They are just jealous. My motto: when you’ve got it, you should flaunt it. And I’ve got it. Evidently the photographer thinks so.

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  2. I have tried many times to take an image of a dragonfly and they always flew away just before I took the image. This is a beautiful image Robyn you captured him/her perfectly with wings in motion. Wonderful work 🙂

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