Oversize Load

Oversize Load

Oversize Load

There are so many small towns you pass through in southern Utah. I believe this was Parowan, due north of Brian Head and Zion. What attracted me enough to stop were the colors. So why post in black and white? Because I think it works just as well in monochrome. But, please, visit Photos By Emilio and you can decide for yourself. Color? Or Monochromia!

18 thoughts on “Oversize Load

  1. What I like about the B&W is that the different colors of the wood stand out so much more. In the color, it’s all about the equipment.
    Both are fun shots!

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    1. I don’t even want to know what you were thinking! Thanks, Robyn. Your comments are extra special to me.


  2. Fantastic image Emilio I think its perfect in monochrome (I’m on my way now to see the color version). I hope that oversized load tractor wasn’t actually moving that relic of a structure, LOL. Great work


    1. Thanks, Joe. On this image I never saw it in black and white but thought to try it and actually liked the results. But for me the color is my favorite this time.


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