No Snow

Emilio, Photography

20160102-DSCF3578-HDR-Edit-Edit (2)

Remember in November when we went up to Zion 4 times in 4 weeks looking for fall colors? A 4 hour round trip each weekend just to find out autumn had been canceled up there? Well, seems like winter has been cancelled, too. We went up there January 2 for snow. You guessed it. No snow. But I couldn’t complain about the sky. What great clouds. And, when I saw the symmetry of the curved tree limb mimicking the curve of the mountain top, I was in heaven. Of course, my wife thought I was nuts. She didn’t see it until I processed the shot at home. Now, she loves the shot.

Though she still thinks I’m nuts!

33 thoughts on “No Snow

    1. You just know the right words to say, don’t you? Brilliant and Awesome. I’m going to tell my wife you said I am brilliant and awesome! 🙂

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  1. This is a superb image Emilio 🙂 Everything about it is perfect, the composition, exposure, processing and range of tones is spectacular. I would frame this image and hang it on my wall if it was mine. Awesome work my friend.


    1. Thanks, Joe. Maybe I will. Nations Photo is having a sale right now! All I need is more wall space. Maybe get rid of our wedding photo! 🙂

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