Sycamore #2, and Geese, too

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Photography


Taken the same morning as the previous image, but the  mist is rising higher in this one, and the geese are much more visible.  I wish you could have heard all the calls they were making.

33 thoughts on “Sycamore #2, and Geese, too

    1. Thank you Lisa! and after visiting your blog, I’m guessing you don’t receive comments … so let me tell you here that I really liked your Saturday Morning photo. The brighter light on the chair makes me want to sit down with the paper and a cup.


    1. Thank you, Carrie.
      You are so right about the two having a different feel, and I wasn’t as aware of it until posting them here on Monochromia versus Life on the BIke. While I do like both, I think I prefer this one for being able to see the geese. When I look at them I can still hear call after call.


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