This Old Stump

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During the first stop of the ride, this tree stump offered me a place to prop my foot and re-tie the laces on my boot.  After removing my foot from the stump, I looked at the rings that mark the passage of years, and thought of all the gifts we receive from trees.

They beautify our lives, protect our earth, and offer us shelter.

They benefit us ecologically, spiritually, and commercially.

Proud to be a tree hugger!

22 thoughts on “This Old Stump

    1. I am so very glad that you mentioned that little leaf. How serendipitous that it was there! I too feel like that leaf made the photo. Thank you so much!


    1. Thank you! I just took a short tour of your blog and rather than commenting both places, I’ll just tell you here that although I saw a few posts, your photography is intriquing and your focus on end of life / spirituality is, I’m sure, a benefit to your clients.

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