A Game of Chase in the Garden

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Butterflies and Hydrangeas I

Butterflies and Hydrangeas II

Butterflies and Hydrangeas III


I was supposed to be packing for a weekend of lacrosse at Penn State when I took a last-minute walk around the garden.

My senses came alive to the sight of butterflies, the sound of bees buzzing, and the aroma of Hydrangeas.

An impatient chase ensued, and I was able to capture a few magnificent creatures.  Above, is a butterfly or two.

9 thoughts on “A Game of Chase in the Garden

  1. Thanks so much Laurie! No, I don’t play lacrosse but my sons do! In fact, both of their teams won the championship for the tournament we went to Penn State for. We had so much fun!!! We don’t have family that went to Penn State but have many friends who did and several were with us for the weekend so we got to experience a lot!


  2. So beautiful, Robyn!
    While on the Eastern Shore, I had the chance to visit a nature preserve. The butterfly garden was just as you described … sights and sounds that brought a smile to my face. You would have loved it!
    And I just have to ask: are you the lacrosse player? Or a fan?
    I’m a State fan by virtue of my father, who is Penn State alum (of course, the Hokies come first … but then the Lions!)


  3. Gorgeous images Robyn 🙂 It’s really something that when you least expect to be taking photos something like this catches your eye. Very well done.


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