Black and White Flower

Black And White Photography

Flower I

SS 1/60   f10.0   ISO 400  

This image was taken last week during a trip to Grand Cayman Island.  I found the flower on the ground when visiting the Botanical Garden and placed it on a fence railing to photograph it.  I am not quite sure what the name of this flower is, but am thinking it must be in either the anemone or daisy families.  

Monochromia appears to be off to a fabulous start.  I am thrilled to be part of this endeavor and honored to have been selected by Joe from The Visual Chronicle to be part of this creative and inspiring group of artists.

This is the first time I’ve posted to Monochromia so please let me introduce myself.  My name is Robyn and I am from the Northeastern portion of the United States.  I have been interested in photography since childhood but only began working as a professional photographer a few years ago. My complete story, bio, and artist statement can be found on my website, which I will include below.

I love photography and my motto is “Capturing Life One Image at a Time”.  Photography is part of my heart and soul. I enjoy both film and digital photography, but because of expense and time, I tend to shoot more digital photographs at present.  My work includes portraiture, landscapes, seascapes, animals, and more.  My favorite subject is flowers.

As this blog is meant for black and white photography, you will only see my  black and white floral work presented within.  Some will argue that flowers are meant to be photographed in color, but I believe that statement to be too generalized. You’ll have to let all of us at Monochromia know your thoughts on black and white flowers. 

Look for my posts at Monochromia on Thursdays.  In addition, to learn more about me and my body of work please visit my blog; Robyn Graham Photography. I’ll look forward to hearing from you both here at Monochromia, and at my own site.

Have a fabulous weekend!

19 thoughts on “Black and White Flower

  1. Very nice shoot, well framed and exposed , so we could feel the texture of the flower without touching this flower…


  2. Wonderful to meet you here Robyn. This shot immediately caught my eye. As for flowers having to be captured only in colour – I consider it a misconception. Last year I turned a water lily pic into b&w and everybody loved it. Looking forward to discovering more from your inspiring collection….


  3. Robyn, this is such a beautiful image. The flower, of course, is excellently photographed, but the texture of the wood is also great. Set against the dark background, incredible!


  4. Thank you Emilio! You made me smile! It is a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to sharing this blog with you! I now have an even greater purpose….to convert you to being an appreciater of flower photography…even if only in black and white! :-). Your initial post here, by the way, was magnificent and I look very forward to seeing more of your work!!


  5. Robyn, I’m not sure we’ve ever met because, truth be told, I hate flower shots. But, having said that, I now can justify that remark. It seems I hate color flower shots. This one in black and white allows you to really see what nature can do without being distracted by color; the unfolding of each petal, the texture, the shading of light. I think I’m going to enjoy seeing your black and white flowers! I will also visit your website to view your other work. And I promise I’ll play nice!


  6. Great image and introduction Robyn 🙂 I could feel the texture of those soft flower petals right through my screen. Just wonderful 🙂


  7. I love the simplicity of this photo, and the strong contrast, and the lovely wood! I’ve never thought there are subjects (like flowers) you shouldn’t do in black and white. Great to read a bit about you Robyn!


  8. This is a great shot Robyn! Flowers tend to be of all different colors but sometimes it’s not about the color, but about the detail. I think that B&W photographs really help with contrasting and detail. When a subject has a drastic contrast difference from it’s surroundings, I think it really works well as a B&W photo. I also think the same if there is a lot of detail. For both of these, color seems to take away from what the photo should really show. I think using a wooden fence railing was a good choice for this shot. Nice job! 🙂

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