22 thoughts on “At the Diner

  1. Classic Diner! Stuff on the walls, a shiny counter, those round stools … and did you notice that the ketchup bottle offers an opportunity to play Trivial Pursuit?


  2. Patti, so many wonderful details to see in this photo – the reflections in the counter, the way the height of the three diners changes in a lovely curve (to my eye), the timing of the man eating his sandwich, the ketchup bottle, the signs. What a fantastic capture of the “diner” experience!!


  3. This is a typical diner? Maybe in New York City. But here in Las Vegas- known for the weird and fantastical- we do not serve the disembodied! That head left of center in your image won’t eat much, I’m sure. After all, where would he put it? 🙂


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