Bad Day, No Focus

Black And White Photography, David Jensen, Photography

Ever have one of those days when things just aren’t going right?  Recently I had one of those, my camera wasn’t focusing correctly and many of my images were blurry.  Turns out I had activated the touch focus feature on the camera and forgot.  So, what does one do with a bunch of out of focus images?  I deleted most of them, but decided to play with this one in Photoshop using the liquify filter.  I really liked the stairway and will probably shoot it again when I am at that location in the future.  In the meantime, this image kind of conveys my feelings about losing so many images to lack of attention.


More of my photography can be seen at my Northern Visions blog.

When The Merry-Go-Round Is Illuminated…

Black And White Photography, Photography

This is a simple photo, right ?
Actually I took this picture on a beautiful day, when the sky was blue, without clouds. This Merry-Go-Round was quite deserted, without children, light, magic in the air. So I choose to edit my picture, make it in black and white to give a nostalgic effect and  “switch on the lights ” for more cheerfulness 🙂

I really love the result ! Hope you too.
If you want to see the original picture go on the ABFriday week 37 of Stacy ! :’)


Monochromania, Sign of the times!

Black And White Photography, David, Photography

20141109-untitled shoot-36-Edit-2-Edit

This is my contribution to the Monochromia project. I thought the Morrisons sign fit quite well with the large M. It stealth advertising. I’ve never tried anything like this before. I learned quite a bit, and watched a few youtube videos, and read a few pages to get this far. The difficult bit was getting the perspective on the lettering to match. Plus not killing the reflections.  in the background. The website url is very discrete. Thanks for the challenge