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My name is Steven Willard and I have pursued black and white photography since I first picked up my dad’s Leica in 1955. At the time it was really the only viable route to processing one’s own work, color was far too costly for a youngster, and black and white was really the de facto language of most photographers then. So, like many, I concentrated on learning the craft as it was taught by Adams, White and Zakia and would have been satisfied with that. Then came digital, and everything changed, or so I thought.

I finally bought my first digital camera (and computer and printer) and set about in learning a new language, or maybe grammar is more accurate. It was hard. I had a lot to learn and had no teacher to teach me about Photoshop, as everyone seemed to have gotten so far ahead of me and I didn’t know enough to ask proper questions let alone understand the answers. But an interesting thing happened. As I struggled to learn the new vocabulary of digital, I discovered that the message was still the same; see the subject for what it is, and as Minor White said “see it for what else it is”. That has been my goal.

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