My name is Joe and photography has been a passion of mine for a very long time. I have never worked as a professional photographer so it has always been a hobby for me. I was first bitten by the photography bug when I was about five years old. My dad would let me play with his old Kodak “Hawk Eye” camera and I was fascinated with it. Half the time it had no film in it but even when it did most of the pictures I took proudly displayed my thumb front and center.

My family is from Brooklyn New York and like most middle class families of the 1940’s and 50’s migrated further east on Long Island for a more rural lifestyle. I was born and raised in Suffolk County so I am a native Long Islander through and through (and yes I even talk funny just like all Long Islanders).

Black and White images always have been my preference because I feel I have more of myself invested in the photo. I have more of an emotional bond with the image when it’s complete. I also think most viewers draw stronger emotions from Black and White images.

Rather than bore you with what I think, let’s hear what you think. Any comments would be welcome.

I hope you will enjoy and follow our new photoblog.

I will posting on Wednesday afternoons at 1:00 PM New York time and more of my images can be seen at – The Visual Chronicle

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