David Williamson

My name is David Williamson. I am a Brit who has lived in Krokstadelva, Norway for the past 20 years.  I would like to thank you for inviting me to contribute as a Guest to Monochromia.

I’ve had an interest in photography since the early 70’s but it was not until the 80’s that I got around to doing something about it. That’s when I purchased my first real camera, a Canon EOS 600.  That didn’t last long though, and I swapped it in for a Nikon FM2 which I still own and use to this day. The digital medium is not easy to ignore these days and it seems everyone has one, so I also shoot with a Nikon D800 and a Leica M9P.

I have a very eclectic film camera collection and at any given time depending on the mood I am in I will shoot on any of the cameras in this collection.  Sometimes the deciding factor is the availability of film for that particular model.

What do I like shooting?  People are my first love whether it be on the street or at family gatherings. I also have a mate who drags me around to a lot of derelict places to take shots of too. The whole Ubex thing interests me, however It’s creepy walking around alone in an old psychiatric hospital so I don’t do it often.

I love film, and black and white is a passion. My favorites are Ilford XP2 and Rollei 80s and T-max 100. I’ve recently tried Adox CMS 20,which impresses me. That said I don’t have a darkroom so I adopt a 50-50 approach of developing myself, and scanning the negatives on my Epson V700. I print my favorites off on my newish Epson 3880 printer using Adobe Lightrooms print module.

More of my images can be seen here – My Photographic World

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