I’m A Jerk

Black And White Photography, Emilio, Photography

Lower Antelope Canyon
Page AZ

OK, all right. I admit it. I can be a jerk at times. Before we were married, Lynn wanted to surprise me with a trip to Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley. That’s a drive of 285 miles one way. When we drove into the parking lot, I had a mini meltdown and refused to go on the tour because there were about 25 or 30 other people waiting in line before us and I hate crowds. I thought we were going to explore the canyon alone, I guess. (I’ll take a break here so you can all laugh.)

Well, do NOT make the same mistake I almost made. Lynn coaxed and coddled till I relented. And it was one of the most exhilarating, exciting natural wonders of the southwest United States I’ve ever seen, rivaled only by Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, and Arches National Park. And maybe one or two others.

Don’t all you men wish you had a woman like mine? Who’ll put up with your shenanigans? And don’t all you women believe that all we men are still just 13-year-old brats who have to always have our way? And throw tantrums if we can’t?

To this day, I have no idea why Lynn decided to marry me. Maybe she felt sorry for me and thought she could change me? I know she’s still trying.


15 thoughts on “I’m A Jerk

    1. Thank you. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of beautiful images of it in color. It is an amazing place. I think we’ll be back there next year with our entire family for a reunion. Can’t wait.

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  1. Beautiful image! As far as men all being jerks, well…. there certainly are some, but you’re not because you went, even though you didn’t want to. The jerk is the guy who refuses to go!


  2. A man being a jerk? That usually goes without saying. Under the influence of pre-matrimonial naivety, women often think they can change men, and men usually have the misguided assumption that women never change. Both learn the hard way that men are difficult, if not impossible, to change, and women are always changing. Good for Lynn coddling and coaxing you out into the world.

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    1. Thanks, Tim. You made me feel much better. And it’s safe to say that after 6 years of marriage, Lynn still coddles me- though not as often lately. Don’t know if I’ve improved, or she finally realized there’s just no hope.

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  3. I’m glad you said you were a jerk so I didn’t have to say it Paul 🤣🤣🤣 This is a spectacular image, superb work my friend 🙂 My take on the subject is we are all 13 year old assholes in our minds but our bodies move a lot slower.

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    1. How come no women commented? I’d love to hear their take on us men. And about moving slower…. I’ve finally become one of those drivers that everybody passes on the freeway!

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    1. I’m such a 10 year old that I can’t even reply to your comment in the right order. It’s here somewhere…. Oh, yeah. Up there. The first comment.


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