Forever Knight

Black And White Photography, Emilio, Photography

1957 Cadillac ElDorado Biarritz

Forever Knight was a Canadian television series about Nick Knight, an 800-year-old vampire working as a police detective in modern-day Toronto, Ontario. When asked why he drives around in an old Cadillac and not a newer car, he answers, “The 1959 Cadillac had more trunk space than any other car made in the last 30 years.” Why is that important? He uses the large trunk space as a place to hide from the sun in case he gets caught out and away from home during the day. When I came across this Cadillac at a local car show, the fact that the trunk was open reminded me of the series, which ran from 1992 to 1996.


12 thoughts on “Forever Knight

    1. Sorry it has taken so long for me to reply but I rarely get on WordPress nowadays. I don’t know why Joe keeps me around. I just wanted to add that I can’t think of a better place to keep a body than in an older vintage Cadillac.


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