8 thoughts on “Fly Land

    1. Thank you very much Jane πŸ™‚ The easiest way to experiment is to set the camera to film simulation bracketing. I usually have mine set to std (Provia), B&W and Acros + Y. When I take an image the shutter clicks once and the camera produces 3 images. I also only shoot in JPEG mode. I find the Fuji JPEG’s give me enough latitude in post processing to achieve my desired results. Adding the filters to the B&W film simulations works the same as shooting B&W film. Yellow is used to increase contrast a little bit, Orange increases contrast a little more and Red is maximum contrast.


    1. Thank you Mario πŸ™‚ ACROS is an older Fuji film formulation. With all the Fuji 24 magapixel cameras they provide you with a choice of shooting in regular black and white or Fuji ACROS black and white film simulation mode. As with all the Fuji cameras you also can apply yellow, orange or red filters to increase contrast or make the sky more dramatic. It’s a pretty neat feature.

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