Welcome To Antwerp

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5 thoughts on “Welcome To Antwerp

  1. I tried to make a photo at the Brussels central station, in focus i had three soldiers, that was a mistake. I had to hand out the camera and they took away the SD card. I was lucky they did not destroy the camera, cause the soldier who took it, did not know how to open and they were very upset. Finally I told them that this was senseless act, cause while they discussed and insulted me 200 mobile phones were pointed at the scene and filmed and photographed it all. My question, what they are going to do against that was not answered.
    In France they were much more friendly but I did not take out the camera. At least I am glad they were not german “Feldjäger” cause they do not even know how the word friendly is written, I guess they do not know it at all.

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    1. do not give out the cam or the card. public space and you are free to shoot whatever you want. do not give out the card, same reason.
      They protect the free world, let them protect you as well.


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