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Yes, I know.  A terrible caption.


What would you have called it?

Long Shadows?  Horse in a Field?

Just a little #cellphonephotography since I was running a bit behind on posting my Monochromia image.  Can you find the shadow selfie?

13 thoughts on “Outstanding

  1. I’m not going to sugarcoat this, Laurie, it is a terrible title. But a beautiful image. Cell phone cameras and me don’t see eye to eye. In ever like the ones I take. But this one is beautiful. The subject mater alone would have done it for me but then the long shadows and contrast are great extras.

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      1. I never, indeed!
        I’m glad you like this one. Between work and activism, I’ve really not had much time to shoot. Visiting Monochromia today is stirring the desire to get back out there.


  2. It is really an outstanding image Laurie 🙂 Looks like it was a gorgeous day also. Shadow selfie is bottom right but somehow I don’t remember you being that tall, LOL. Great work.


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