Voice Of An Angel

Black And White Photography, Photography, Sherry

Busker, Bethesda Arches, Central Park, New York City

What struck me first was that she had the voice of an angel…

My images are at http://www.sherrygaley.com

14 thoughts on “Voice Of An Angel

  1. Thank you. Joe! I love that place with a passion too. I think you are absolutely right. I felt like I belonged in New York from my first visit. I have been now 14 or 15 times and it’s never enough. Although I know some of the reasons I love it there — mostly it cannot be explained…


  2. Stunning image Sherry 😀 Bethesda fountain and Arches is one of my wife and my favorite places in Central Park. I think deep down inside or maybe in a previous life you were a New Yorker. Great work

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