Two Old Ladies

Black And White Photography, David, Photography

20150331-untitled shoot-66-Edit-Edit

These two are without any doubt my favourite subjects in Frognerpaken. They are just so touchingly human. These two strike a deep seated chord in me. I have many shots of these two dating back to the mid eighties. I’ve tried to capture  what they mean to me ,and I fall short each time They don’t age,which means I’ve got plenty of chances yet,and they are always fun to meet again.

If you get to meet them Say hello for me ;0)

7 thoughts on “Two Old Ladies

  1. Aging. This is what I fear the most. Sometimes I can’t sleep thinking about being too old to be me. My heart aches just by looking at these old and shaky women kneeling down in a pose of absolute vulnerability.

    Yep, this picture certainly tells a hell of a story.

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