Dogs & Beds Special

Black And White Photography, Joerg, Photography

Dogs & Beds, two things that fit perfectly together, they love it warm and soft.
Like dogs and “Supermarket paper bags”, there is always something interesting inside.  I came home yesterday from the supermarket, where I bought some “human food” for “me”, I left the paper bag on the stairs just to open the door and did not look at it for  two seconds, the dogs around me, when I turned to pick up the bag, the dogs were gone and a packet of Frankfurter sausages was also gone … Opportunity makes thieves !

14 thoughts on “Dogs & Beds Special

    1. Haha, they are very good actors. I think they have a secret place to stash climbing equipment and other burglar tools.
      They cooperate and stick together, never betray the other .


  1. Those eyes! So innocent (so guilty!). How lovely that you have these two in your life. The comment section was fun to read, too as I enjoyed learning more about your life with them.

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  2. Your photos are great. Love the story, too. If you ate more healthy, though, they probably wouldn’t steal anything. Hot dogs? Do you have any idea what is in them? maybe your dogs were just looking out for you! Have a nice kale salad! 😉

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    1. All day long they are looking out for me, looking for what I eat or drink, all day long they guard the fridge, the whole kitchen is under their observation, impossible to go there without them. I eat very healthy, no carbon hydrates, no alcohol, only fresh vegetable, well some meat. (for a good reason).
      No better dish cleaners, “four paw dishwashers”.

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  3. Great post Joerg 🙂 When is the last time you saw such innocent thieves ? I could not think of anything better after a meal of stolen frankfurters than a nap. You gotta love em !

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    1. For sure I love them, they are best friends. The way they steel things and after they look like nothing had happened with a “We did not do it”- Look in their faces.
      They know exactly how the world turns and the world turns around them ….

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