Sint Nicolaas



St. Nicholas history:

To save three poor sisters of prostitution, Saint Nicholas threw three purses with money through the window, so the girls could still be married. Our gingerbread dolls and chocolate coins refer to this story. The veneration of the holy bishop Saint Nicholas has a long tradition.

Whether St. Nicholas was a real person is not entirely sure, but there is a good chance. The historical figure that model would have been for the Dutch Sinterklaas was born according to legend, around 270 AD in the port of Patara in the Greek province of Lycia in Asia Minor (now Turkey). His Greek name Nikolaos means “conqueror of the people”. He became bishop of Myra and would be deceased on 6 December 340.

During his life he would have visited include Jerusalem. About his actions as bishop went quickly wondrous stories around that were written centuries later. He was canonized by the Greek Catholic Church, and in 550 the first church was dedicated to him in Istanbul, then called Constantinople. The oldest and most important biography of St. Nicholas, features quite a few miracles, dating from about 800.

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