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This is really pretty cool for me to introduce you to our next guest photographer. Gregg and I go way back and have been friends for a long time. I can’t even begin to tell you all the crazy things we used to do when we were younger, so I won’t (I don’t want to tarnish the image of a good friend and photographer). I also want to give a special shout out to Kenny, Chuck and Eddie (the other part of the gang), and I hope the rest of you viewers enjoy Gregg’s images as much as I do.  Heads up Laurie, Gregg rides a Harley Davidson also !

Elizabeth (1 of 1)

My name is Gregg and I’ve been making art my whole life.  Photography has been in my blood for a long time, and growing up with great pictorial publications like National Geographic and LIFE magazines were an inspiration. I’ve known Joe since early childhood having grown up in the same neighborhood.  “Our gang” spent a lot of time involved with photography, back in the days of film, developing our own B&W’s in the basement. We could all go to the same place, take pictures for hours and all end up with unique views of the same subjects.  It was pretty cool growing up with friends that had the same interests as I did.

My thanks to everyone for the invitation to post on this site – Cheers, Gregg

To see more of my images visit – Revel Photography


26 thoughts on “Guest Post: Gregg Overton

    1. Thank you very much! nice to meet you too! Sorry, I took so long to respond, I’m not on here everyday yet and I kind of thought after a week I wouldn’t get any more feedback (I’m new to this blogging thing). Yes we are lucky to have kept close with all our childhood friends. I will tell her what you said, she is a kind, thoughtful, talented, beautiful woman and a fantastic model. Back story: we were here at the graveyard working on her creations (she’s has taken up photography and I’m helping her with the technical side, she has a very creative mind) and we just started playing with the scene.


  1. Thank you to all the people who liked my picture, especially to those who commented. I appreciate hearing from you and your thoughts. I enjoyed the experience and hope to do so again! Big special thanks to my lifelong friend Joe , for inviting me in the first place!


    1. Thank you very much, I look forward to seeing everyone work on here, I’ve followed Joe’s post for years. I started with B&W, that’s all they had when I began. Check out my website for a few more in the series with the model. Not all B&W though.


  2. Thanks for the compliment. She is a long time model and a friend (no relation to the deceased). We have collaborated many times (see my website) this time we were up there for one of her projects (I’m helping her with her photography) and I asked her to strike a few poses in between. (there are 4 pics in the series on my port and I believe a bunch on her FB page, Cat Ropo). Thanks for the welcome, I’m honored.

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      1. Thanks for the like. She is indeed a very beautiful woman. I really appreciate the feedback on my work. Is there a way I can look at all your work on here, I’m still not up on the functions of the site.


        1. Yes, you can go under Contributors then Main Contributors and see Laurie. You can check out everyone’s photos the same way. Remember though, I am the newbie of the group (although Joe tells me that I can’t get away with saying that too much longer), but I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  3. I love that your “gang” hung out in the basement developing film! I’ll not tell you what my gang did 🙂
    This is a really great image, Gregg. Can you share some back story? Your idea or hers? Is there a family tie?
    Love this!
    Glad to meet a friend of Joe’s, especially one who shoots with a camera and rides an HD. Welcome to Monochromia!!


  4. A very dramatic post with a very beautiful woman. Elizabeth is looking great for being 49 years old. And for being dead over 140 years! Love her nails!


    1. Thank you very much, I passed along your thoughts to her. She uses those to fight off the demons. I apologize for not responding before, Joe and I got into a long discussion over cameras and I lost track of who I responded to. Loved your rendition of Joe and friends. Anyway thanks again for the thoughts. If you want to see more of her check my website, I work with her a lot. Sweet woman.


  5. Great image Gregg I love the little hint of blue tint simulating moonlight 🙂 I’m just sorry I could not get this posted at an earlier date. rally nice work 🙂


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