19 thoughts on “At the Station

  1. I thought there were apples in that bag 🙂
    I always enjoy reading the comments that folks leave and I can’t help but say: I happily travel alone. Women (and all people) just need to use common sense, right 🙂

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  2. People are so unaware of their surroundings nowadays. Though I love this photo, it makes me uncomfortable to see a woman alone and not concerned at all. Maybe that’s sexist of me. Sorry!

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    1. This is a very usual sight here in Finland. She is standing like that because she really doesn’t have any reason to be concerned. It’s pretty safe here. Would this be unusual/alarming in Las Vegas? I appreciate you sharing your thoughts Emilio! 🙂


      1. In Las Vegas- at least around the strip- it would be impossible to find a spot so isolated as this. So I would say anyone would be pretty safe there. But there are parts of the city- the outskirts- where this would not be recommended. My neighborhood is pretty safe, though, and many a night my wife has taken the dog we are caring for, out for a walk without me.

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  3. Railway stations/subways are excellent photographic venues for capturing people. Excellent, Elina!
    It could be an interesting challenge to try and photograph someone NOT using their cellphone these days!

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    1. It’s true the stations are great and inspiring places for street photography. I like your idea for a challenge! We should do that one day on Monochromia! 🙂 Thank you for your kind words Mike!


    1. You are right it is the modern way of waiting and I guess it’s a rare sight seeing someone just stand and wait without having a phone in hand. 🙂 Thank you Ben for your kind comment!


  4. Great shot Elina 🙂 I agree with David, railway stations are great places to get images of people. Unfortunately living in New York you have to be very careful taking photos at railway stations or around Tri State bridges. Because of all the terrorism threats the authorities are very pro active to anyone snapping photos. Very well done Elina 🙂

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    1. True, railway stations are so full of life there is always something to photograph. 🙂 Here the stations are usually quite safe and peaceful… and I’ve never been told not to take photos. Thank you for your kind words Joe! 🙂

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