Capitol Reader

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Woman sitting on the edge of the pool, reading, with US Capitol in the background.

Walking by the U.S. Capitol, I spied this woman enjoying the beautiful weather in Washington, DC. Absorbed in her reading, the woman never noticed me while I carefully framed and pressed my shutter. If only all street shots were this easy.

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40 thoughts on “Capitol Reader

  1. What a great shot. Composition, lighting, subject, all conspired to award you the perfect moment. But I doubt this woman is a tourist, unless she’s reading up on where to visit next! How can a tourist be so blase about the capital architecture and monuments and , instead, take the time to read?


  2. Nice shot Stacy. I like those kinds of street shots where the people don’t notice you! She also very kindly wore a striped skirt which you get a hint of in the shot as well. πŸ™‚


  3. What a wonderful photo, Stacy. I so often want to take pictures but daren’t do it for fear I’ll get told off by the people/persons I want to take the photo of. Maybe I should be a little more brave and have a go?


    1. Ha! I can so relate, Hugh. That’s why I remarked that all street shots should be as easy as this one πŸ™‚ I have yet to work up the courage to ask permission to take someone’s picture; on the other hand, giving them notice takes away the spontaneity. Anyway, I often shoot from the hip to keep a low profile. This one just happened to be through the viewfinder, but I was nervous she would notice me πŸ˜‰
      That being said, you should give it a whirl sometime. The pictures you can come away with can be priceless!


    2. Hugh, the first time I took street shots I was hesitant. I had the same fears as you. But I just got back from my second time doing street photography and, believe me, it was so much easier this time. The people who do notice you will either smile or scowl or there will be no expression on their face. But I doubt they will confront you! More likely they will ignore you. Have a go at it! it’s fun!

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  4. and you framed it perfectly! The trees that cover part of the Capitol Building serve to enhance the beauty of the architecture. The clouds offer even more accent to the building and the water, and of course the reader remains the subject. Stacy, this is really great!


  5. Another great one Stacy! Its wonderful composition and the excellent B&W conversion technique make it worthy of being here in this magnificent forum. Love the great symbolic significance and the sensations it transmits. Congrats again!


    1. Oh, thanks so much, Jaime! Being part of Monochromia is certainly helping me to learn more each day not just about B&W photogtaphy, but about photography in general. It’s such a wonderful forum and I appreciate you being here, lending your support! I’m so glad you like the photo πŸ™‚


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