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The clouds were just right this evening for using my 10 stop ND filter on the Canon (I haven’t completely abandoned that camera!). As for a subject, I figured one of Winnipeg’s old brick buildings was suitable enough. This was the rather dramatic result. Perhaps a bit eerie, actually!
(Canon 5DII / 17mm / B+W ND10 / Remote)

35 thoughts on “Dramatic

  1. Great image Mike 🙂 The 10 stop B+W is the way to go unless you want to splurge for the Lee Big Stopper. The B+W is as much as i am willing to spend on black glass 🙂 Really nice work Mike.


  2. Mike, I love this. I wanted to buy a 10 stop ND filter but they only had a 9 stop at the store so I bought it. What could be the difference of one stop? Well, either my filter was marked wrong or there is plenty! I’ve yet to be able to get a shot like this! Very dramatic. And maybe a little creepy!


    1. Thank you Emilio! I think it really just depends on the type of clouds and the movement. I’ve tried many other times, and the results aren’t all that spectacular. Although a 10 stop can be a bit much for some people, I find it to be perfect for daytime LE photography. No complaints yet 🙂


    1. Allison. with a description like that I feel inadequate to comment on Mike’s photo. Will you comment on MY photos? Maybe even write the descriptions for me?

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      1. Haha, Emilio, how kind! Do not feel inadequate, please! I would love to see your work and offer comments. 🙂

        Mike’s photos have been inspiring me for quite some time now – I love Monochromia – black and white and silken grit.

        Is your work on this site also?


    2. Brilliant, Allison 🙂 I like the way you think. At one point there was a person on the very top of the fire escape – the building owner I guess – but he moved out of frame before I could catch him! Hope you’re well (I do need to stop by more often!!).


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