26 thoughts on “Guest Post – Alex Markovich – Part Two

  1. Whats a vinyl album? No, seriously. I know. I remember lots of James Taylor and others with long hair. I think my dad was stuck in the 60’s back then. 🙂 But I do love the image.


  2. Yup, grew up with these 😉 Makes me remember trying to place the phonograph needle on the edge of the record without scratching the album. It was always a sense of accomplishment 🙂 Thanks for the fun walk down memory lane, Alex!


      1. Wow how cool is that phonograph Alex. I used to have one like this and I had to tape 2 Quarters (coins) to the tonearm so it wouldn’t skip, LOL. Great find.


  3. GReat details here Alex. Even the CD are forgotten for myself. I am listening music only by streaming now. But I miss a lot those vinyl. I remember some album that I would like to here again because the sounds was so good : Atom Heart Mother, Van Halen and Sticky Finger…

    This is another great picture Alex!


    1. Thank you!

      A friend of mine picked over fifty of them near the trash container in her yard to pass to me. I took all of them home – jsut to keep them and maybe sometimes take some ineresting shots.


  4. Great shot Alex 🙂 I used to have so many of these. Now I have so many CD’s and they are becoming obsolete because of downloadable music. Vinyl is making a comeback though I hear and nothing beats the sound of it. Nice work.


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